Refelection Semester 2 2016 2017

Reflections of Capital Market Course  at the respected semester

To sum up, this class has allowed me to learn deeper about the lesson of life, particularly needed by millennials like us. I hope that this one-of-a-kind class can be continuously continued and improved over time. I’ll absolutely recommend the juniors to take this class and feel the better experience than I had

:: Albert, SBM 2017

“This course do teach me several things; making money is hard, so don’t waste it arbitrarily. Do not just trust people recommendation, issues, or market euphoria in  buying or selling stocks.  Every stocks have different characteristic. Market always uncertain, do not stress yourself with loss, discipline is the most important things in doing trading.  And lastly if you follow this course halfheartedly, you will only get tired and waste of money”

:: Dhia,SBM 2017

“They say from listening comes wisdom, based on my experience in capital market from listening comes capital loss”

:: Dicky Sofian , SBM 2017

“Never only listen on news, even though it is such a valid. Analyze the core of the things, then make decision, either take it or leave it. You must find your own path, life is a competition. Thank you, sir! Now I know how to invest in the right way”

:: Dimpos, STEI , 2014

“After I finished the class and implemented the theory to my trading (and investing), my cash changed from loss 6% to gain almost 3% by analyzing the fundamental of the company and the technical analysis indicators”

:: Adhimas, SBM 2017

“I might forget some materials that I have learned, but I will never forget the feels when my portfolio was bleeding while I have to keep going for that journal report. In the end, that’s how my mental of a trader is” :

Gracia, SBM 2017

“I learned many new things from this course, such as trading in the stock market by myself for the first time and learning different techniques of analyzing stock. In general, I was inspired by this course to pursue my goal to become a big player in the capital market. I remember Mr. Deddy’s wise words; “you must have that spark in your eyes, showing how you want to learn”

::  Abiaszka, SBM 2017

“To survive in capital market world, the full concern needs to be gained since conditions are changing rapidly and can influence our portfolio, that will decide the turn whether we are upside or downside”

:: Karina, SBM 2017

“To be honest, the most valuable lesson I got from this course is a realization of how clueless I am. This course combines theory and practice, so the realization hit me like a wall. I will (hopefully) graduate this year, yet I have not mastered the knowledge and skills needed in professional world. This motivates me to learn more from now on”

:: Krystle, SBM 2017

“Last but not least, I am so grateful because I learned a lot in this capital market. Without joined this class, I will never experience trading”

:: Medina, SBM 2017

“In the end of this class, I got my own philosophy regarding to trader life, which basically I have got a lot of lesson from my own experience. “Risks appear when we don’t know what we are doing” Be sure on every decision is calculated and projected then the risk can be minimized, not only about stocks but also occur on other product investment such as mutual funds and bonds”

:: Fajar, SBM 2017

“To me, capital market class is fun yet unpredictable. At the first week, I was very shocked on how few person has already known how to trade. It somehow made me down a little bit. However, I said to myself “you can do it even though you are a newbie”.

:: Nisrina, SBM 2017

“The most important lesson learned I got from this class is how to analyze the information regarding a stock. If a friend of yours’ expertise is on stock market, doesn’t mean that all his suggestion in selling or buying should be taken as a definite fact. We could take it into consideration, but we also need to have our own foundation of analysis to back it up, such as fundamental and technical analysis”

:: Shiddqi, SBM 2017

“Insanity : Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results… by Albert Einstein. In the capital market , I learned this terms with difficulty.  Then I started to realize that what I did can be called insanity. Trading with no sound information or  without any basis is a bad decision. Even though I knew it, however,  I hope that by doing the same thing again thinking that this time it is going to be different.  Those actions reflected on the report of my personal portfolio.  It shows  persistent decline of my portfolio  performance.  Now I realize that I am an  insane person. In capital market class,  I learn to do things differently, I learn to change strategies and implement the lessons .  Not just to follow blindly the vicious cycle of insanity of trading ever again”

:: Yoshua , SBM 2017

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