Reflections Semester 1 2017 2018

” I thought capital market is where people learn to decide something more with using their brain and not the heart, but doing that is not as easy as it seems.”

:: Lazuardi, SBM 2018

” This class is the best class; it teach me how to trading and investing with real account in the real world so I can feel the adrenaline rush of gain a profit or lose my real money. This class has so much life lesson that we could take; to be brave, to knowing that high result come with high risk, and don’t take decision only from listening to the world; you need to analyze and prove it yourself. I definitely will recommend this class to my friends and my juniors.”

::Dita SBM 2018

“This class has taught me well not to spend money on useless things. My goals now are to invest as much money as I can with various types of investment. Thank you so much, Sir, for widening my perspective”

:: Nadine, SBM 2018

Investing in the stock market can earn you money in two ways; through the rise in stock’s value or dividend payment,  but no matter how, if you are investing without any knowledge or knowing what you are buying, instead of gaining money, you start to losing money.  Benjamin Franklin once said, “Aninvestment in knowledge always pays the best interest”, and only in this course that both investment in knowledge and stock market are provided and applied.
::Rendy, SBM 2018

“Capital Market class make me have an analytical thinking and reasonable thinking when we are going to choose some decisions in real world. Real man makes his own luck, and I make it through my wise lectures and his guidance.”

:: Affan, SBM 2018

“Taking a Capital Market class, maybe the greatest decision in 7th semester that I have done. Lot of precious materials that I have obtained about Investing world. Make me open to the new perception and opportunity. Stock market is the great way to invest your hard earned money, yet almost unknown to the most society.”

:: M. Irfan, SBM 2018

“This Class will  teach you how to “play” in capital market briefly, one lesson that really matter most about this class is “to know how to swim is to jump into the sea”, this class will takes you to the real experience and enrich your mind about capital market. Big Thanks to Mr.Deddy !”

:: Aria, SBM 2018

“This course is absolutely amazing. The combination of practical and theory learning in this class is what makes this course becomes interesting. I personally would not have felt the excitement of investing in stocks, unless I really do the real investing with the real money, not the virtual one. Beside practicing, we must also continuously learn the theory to be able to buy an appropriate stock with an appropriate price. Remember, God might forgive those who make sins, but capital market won’t forgive those who don’t know what they buy.”

:: James, SBM 2018

” Capital Market class is the most interesting class for me. Not only theory learned, but you actually jump into the real action and implement the learned materials. Frankly, this class tells me how hard to become an investors. But, one thing I must learn so well, keep watching the news! “

:: Febianti SBM 2018

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