Semester 1 2019 2020

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Ichlas Zul Azmi :: Team-P Allright Capital  SBM 2019, said:

I think this is the most fun class i have joined, the student and the lecturer like having a chemistry and some reference about jokes. The material is enough for me, it teach me a lot about capital market that i never heard before. The lecturer was very fair, and have a good way to teach. The class has good competitive atmosfer, with willingness to become the best but still support each other. The conclusion is, I never have 100% attendance before, only in this class. Salam Cuan! even Team-P Allright generate negative return!


Samuel Simon:: Bercuanda Ajah  Capital  SBM 2019, said :

My expectation when I first entered the class was that I hope the class could make me understand better about how should I pick the right stock to my stocks portfolio. However, when I finally finished the class now, I realized that the class is far more beyond my expectation. With Pak Deddy as the lecturer and mentor, I have learned that capital market is a whole bigger world that to be success in it, I have to be resilient and diciplined. Capital market is about continuosly learning, trying again and still have some funny jokes to avoid stress.


Erlin A Riadi:: Bercuanda Ajah Capital  SBM 2019, said: 

This class is amazing. I personally think this class provides all of the learning methods needed by the students. The lecturer gives us knowledge and insights, making our analytics skill become better. We are provided with tools that help us in our trading activities and Mr. Deddy always accommodates us in the best way he can. But the most important thing that I will never forget from this class is the lecturer himself, he inspires me a lot in the way he thinks, he delivers materials, and the actions he takes. Taking this class might be one of the best decisions I made in my college life.


Geraldine Hizkia Tanuwijaya :: Team-P All Right Capital  SBM 2019, said:

The class is very good. I have learnt a lot from this class, especially the importance of investing and how to be a good investors. After all, it was all such a great class for everyone who is eager to be investor.


Istamitra Pratita Pramono:: Jagoan Cuan Capital  SBM 2019, said:

I was nervous when entered the class for the first time because everyone was expert. They knew every terms in capital market while I knew nothing. Then, this class has taught me a lot from the zero to be a hero! I have learned a lot from capital market class.


Biyan Iskandar :: Hoki-Hoki Bento Investama   SBM 2019 said:

It was an honor for me to be a part of this class. Through the learning process in the class I learned that investing is not just about the glory when you get capital gains and the loss you have to suffer, there are the numbers in between that must be considered in order to achieve our goal of investing. Take the risk, enjoy cuan.


Eric Cahyadi Widjaja :: Hoki-Hoki Bento Investama SBM 2019, said:

The class successfully simplify complex capital market theory and gives real practice in trading.Mr Deddy is passionate and good in the field. Hence, you will get what it takes in this class to be the next professional trader. Believe me, You are in the good hand 😀


Raissa Refita Pramudi:: Intelligent Bull Capital  MSM 2019 said:

This class literally the most knowledgable financial class in SBM ITB. I learn a lot whether it is theory or practical. I think it is a bit difficult due to the high standard of the lecturer, Pak Deddy, but it is still fair with the SKS. Pak Deddy can deliver the material really well and make us understand, which is rare compared to other lecturers. He also understand well the material and can explain everything we ask. What I like the most is a really well-planned material which is suitable and useful for us. A suggestion for this class maybe inviting us to IDX like study tour, hehe :D. Overall, the class is really good and worth to join. This is really an honest comment and I did not make up a single thing. I am really happy to join this class and meet such an inspiring lecturer like Pak Deddy. I would say that this is the best class in SBM ITB I have ever been joined.


Muhammad Haikal Hafis:: Saratoge Investama  SBM 2019, said :

That’s the quotes that changed my view about stock market. after several times got some bitter experiences because before this course i’m completely in the dark about stock market, then i finally learn that stock market isn’t the place for those who knew nothing. I am very grateful because this class taught me a lot for the stocks market knowledge that i need.


Eggy Muhammad Prayoga:: Hoki Hoki Bento Investama  SBM 2019 said:

Capital Market course is definitely a worth to try for student who like to taste the real investing experience. because in this class students not only given the theory but also encouraged to implement the knowledge given in class. Big thanks to Mr. Deddy Priatmodjo, it was a pleasure for me to study in your class.


Bagas Naufal Prayitno:: Intelligent Bull Capital   SBM 2019, said:

I am happy that I took this class. Even though I already have some experience with stock before, this class gave some new insight to me. Especially with Mr. Deddy as the lecturer, I found his way of teaching is fun so even the material is pretty tough, it was fun overall.


Michael Justin Wihardi ::Saratoge   Investama SBM 2019  said: 

I am very happy to be able to take this capital market class, because in this class I learned so many things. After I took the capital market class, I felt more understanding about technical and fundamental analysis.


Geraldine Hizkia Tanuwijaya :: Team-P All Right  Capital SBM 2019 said:

The class was amazing. I never thought that this class would provide a real life stock market experience as usually a normal lecturer only provide a theory-based curriculum that makes us students wondering how to apply it in real life as a practical experience. Although the result didn’t go in my way, at least i’ve learned on how to develop my own portfolio before i would develop others. Moreover, i thank Mr. Deddy for his willingness and his modesty to teach us students and giving appreciation fairly to every students who have accomplished something. Cheers for a great stock market year ahead and i hope IHSG will breakthrough 7000 next year!


Priyanka Zahra Diandra :: GoSip Cuan Capital  SBM 2019, said:

Taking Capital Market class without knowing any basic knowledge about it. I thought stock market is a things that I will never touch, because I think it is difficult. AND ACTUALLY IT IS. But thanks to Mr. Deddy for delivering the class material with a fun way and make it easy to understand. And also the real account things make you really think carefully when you made a choice. I recommend everyone to take this class!!


Kristian Linardi:: Bercuanda Ajah capital  SBM 2019, said

This lesson taught me in both practical and theoretical way in capital market. Practical since we must invest real money in buying stocks and combined it with the theory we had been taught in the class in hope that we could gain maximize profit.


Intan Alfiyyah Fauzi:: Gosip Cuan  Capital SBM 2019 said: 

Thank you so much Pak Deddy for the cool and very useful lecture material. This class taught me a lot and I learned something really new and challenging. It has been one of the most memorable class I have ever taken since while taking this class a lot of emotion that occur, happiness, frustration, and desperate😂😂😂. Anyway, I will recommend this class to my junior so this class can be a popular class like back in the days.


Felicia Luz Clarita Ina Tukan:: Intelligent Bull  capital SBM 2019 said:

My capital market class is the best class i ever had so far in SBM and i really thankful to be the one of Mr Deddy’s Students. I had never feel bored or want to absent the classes because the teacher, Mr Deddy, really changing my perception about finance classes which really strict and not fun. He was also so kind and helpful that he was always ready to teach and help us. Rather than a teacher, I would say he was our very good friend. Besides the good preparation of the teaching materials which also including a real events (not only theory), he would continuously encourage us to learn,brave to take action and enjoy the process. Through this class, i learned many things such as an impressive modern tools, real practices in investment firm (manage portfolio), and lot of tips and tricks to deal with any situation related to capital market.

Mr Deddy also help me to understand that the goals are important, but the process is much more important when it comes to learning. It really helps me to understand the class materials because i had a real experiences from this class. In addition, he would combine a class materials with a simple real learning that i think i would not know if i am not join the class such as how to read a stock, bond and etf in newspaper which made us better understand the relevant theories as well. The most impressive thing for me was that he would keep asking questions to let us think deeply until we found out the real result.

To sum up, From this class, I not only mastered the relevant knowledge about capital market, but also a precious life lessons to become more brave and confident which believe in my own analysis, give the best but also enjoy the process.


Safira Amalia :: Jagoan Cuan  Capital SBM 2019 said:

Besides learn from the theory, this class provide interested experience by doing stock trading with real account and our own money. The experience made me learn how real market work and made me know the use of the material that being taught in practical world. This class motivates me to always learn and read news, also start put money not only for saving but also for investment


Efan Wiranto :: Jagoan Cuan  Capital SBM 2019, said :

Initially, I was very hesitant about taking this class because I really did not know what the world of capital market was, but rather than not adding knowledge in the field of capital market, I continued to undergo this class and that was the right decision. all that is needed in the world of capital markets is studied briefly and clearly.


Agustinus Calvin :: Team P Allright Capital MS 2015 said : 

As a final year mechanical engineering student, following this class has been an insightful and interesting experience. I have learned sufficient basic knowledge to become a good investor in the future. Although i experienced quite significant amount of losses during the course , i have learned a good lesson from it and become mentally prepared to face the unpredictable market in the future.


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