Semester 2 2016 2017 Class Announcements

15th Week of Class

  • Quizz for Equity Valuation and Performance Evaluation
  • Presentation of  Final Project, Firms Portfolio

14th Week of Class

  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Quizz for Equity Vauation
  • Submit your homework for stock selection using topdown-bottom up approach

13th Week of Class

  • Top Down vs Bottom Up and Active vs Passive investment strategy
  • Quizz for Fixed Income Analysis, brings calculator
  • Using Technical Analysis approach,  please update your portfolio

12th Week of Class

  • Technial Analysis Material :: Please brings your own notebook
  • Make sure your Chartnexus  is ready and have the data updated
  •  Update your Firm’s Portfolio

11th Week of Class

  • Equity Valuation (swap with the 10th day of class)
  • Revision submission of homework  on 10th week

10th Week of Class

  • Please submit  the homework, we will discuss this in the class
  • Swap the  material for equity valuation
  • SBM ITB  Team  will depart tomorrow for Regional Asia Pacific Final , wish us for the best luck …

9th Week of Class

  • Fixed Income analysis
  • SBM ITB Team becoming National   Champion at CFA Research Challenge 2017, will represent Indonesia in Regional Final, Bangkok 14 – 15 March 2017.   Your assistant,  Wirata Adi Dharma is one of the team member …. kudos  to SBM ITB Team !!!!

8th Week of the Class

  • Midterm Exam
  • Please bring your calculator , notebook/laptop is not needed
  • At regular time.

7th Week of the Class

  • Quizz !!!  ( yeaayyyy )
  • Brings any news papaer that has oinformation about stock
  • Learn more about Instruments in Capital Market

6th Week of the Class

  • Submit the 2nd bi-weekly Firms’Portfolio decision using  reasoning and post to your firms’website
  • Collection homework the  individual  Portfolio  share decision using MVC Solver
  • Collection homework  the Firm’s Portfolio share decision using MVC Solver
  • CAPM and APT

5th Week of the Class

  • Collection homework the  individual and Firms’ portfolio
  • Collection homework   the exercise of MVC in spreadsheet
  • CAPM model lecture for today
  • Preparation for bi-weekly portfolio selection

4th Week of the Class

  • There will be a Quizz at the beginning of the class
  • First portfolio submissions, individual and Firms report format will be explained.
  • The firm should start to post their portfolio at the Firm’s website

3rd Week of The Class

  • Learning the micro-foundation of capital Market
  • Submit the website of the Firm
  • Rules for the website:
    • The Firms’ name should be clearly stated at the web’s front page
    • Don’t name your Firm with currently operating Firm anywhere in the world
    • Portfolio Position and Suggestions
    • Do not claim any clients.
    • Investment Philosophy
    • Member of the team should include pictures. It also should only contain position as analysts with its specialization ( 2 sectors each). No Directors, No Portfolio Manager. Everyone should burden equal responsibilityThe website should contain

2nd Week of The Class

  • Understanding the Kresna Trading Platform, how to sell, how to buy, monitor orders, and monitor portfolio
  • Form a group, named the group as if it is Investment Firm
  • Create a website for Firm

1 st Week of Class

  • The class will be conducted at room 3C 3rd Floor SBM ITB Building
  • Create a dropbox folder with the following name: MB4042 Your Name. Share it with me as announced in the class. All materials, syllabus, references, tutorial materials will be shared there.
  • All the assignments both individual and group will be submitted to that account, not to my personal and official account.
  • Please prepare to open a Trading account, all applications materials and step by steps guidance will be given at Kresna SBM ITB Financial Trading Center.

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