Semester 1 2017 2018 Class Announcements


Midterm Exam  Grade Distribution

Progress Individual Assignment, Quizess and Project  Submission

16th Week of Class

  • Final Exam — Good Luck
  • The material covered will be stressed o 2nd part of the semester, but some term in the 1st part will also be used

15th Week of Class

  • Firm’s activities Performance

14th Week of Class

  • Portfolio Performance Evaluation
  • Group Discussion to prepare the report of Firm’s Performance

13th Week of Class

  • Top Down vs Bottom Up and Active vs Passive investment strategy
  • Group Discussion to prepare the report on equity analysis

12th Week of Class

  • Technial Analysis Material :: Please brings your own laptop
  • Make sure your Chartnexus  is ready and have the data updated (download directly to their website)
  •  Update your Firm’s Portfolio and report it at  the firm’s website

11th Week of Class

  • Equity Analysis
  • Don’t forget to submit the last week

10th Week of Class

  • Fixed Income analysis 2

9th Week of Class

  • Mutual Fund
  • Fixed Income analysis 1

8th Week of the Class

  • Materials : All until the 7th week of the class.
  • Closed Books, Closed Class  Notes,  No Laptop, No  Cell Phones.
  • Good luck …

7th Week of the Class

  • All about Index , different type of  index in Indoensia, what are they, how they are being composed, all rules applied in index
  • ETF , dechange Traded Fund, the instrument, how they being traded in Indonesia Stock exchange. Please brings your lap top.
  • Maybe  a Quizz , please be prepared. Clue.. (RM lost last week) …

6th Week of the Class

  • Practice the concept of CAPM model lecture.  Please brings  your own laptop, equipped with excel and solver 
  • Arbitrage Pricing Theory  as the alternatie model of CAPM.

5th Week of the Class

  • CAPM model lecture for today, please brings  your own laptop.
  • Submit the indibiviual  homework   the exercise of MVC in spreadsheet  (deadline before the class started)
  • Submit the Group Report for the first for bi-weekly portfolio selection (deadline before the class started)

4th Week of The Class

  • Risk and Return
  • Quizzes on terms and market microstructure
  • Portoflio Report and how to define index of your portfolio
  • Mean Variance Frontier , please brings your own  computer

3rd Week of The Class

  • Understanding the Kresna  Trading Platform, how to sell, how to buy, monitor orders, and monitor portfolio.
  • How to read capital market news from media.
  • Publish  Your Investment Company’s   Web  in this site.

2nd Week of The Class

  • Learning the micro-foundation of capital Market
  • Form a group, named the group as if it is Investment Firm
  • Submit the website of the Firm
  • Rules for the website:
    • The Firms’ name should be clearly stated at the web’s front page
    • Don’t name your Firm with currently operating Firm anywhere in the world
    • Portfolio Position and Suggestions
    • Do not claim any clients.
    • Investment Philosophy
    • Member of the team should include pictures. It also should only contain position as analysts with its specialization ( 2 sectors each). No Directors, No Portfolio Manager. Everyone should burden equal responsibility. The website should contain

1 st Week of Class

  • The class will be conducted at room 2406 (4th  Floor New SBM ITB Building)
  • Create a  Google Drive folder with the following name: MB4042 YourStudentID.  Share it with me . I will shared all  materials, syllabus, references, tutorial materials  using the same way under folder named  MB 4042 Class Materials Sem 1 2017,
  • All the assignments both individual and group will be submitted to that account, not to my personal and official account.
  • Please prepare to open a Trading account, all applications materials and step by steps guidance will be given at Kresna SBM ITB Financial Trading Center.

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