Semester 2 2017 2018 Class Announcements

15th Week of Class ( 30th  April 2018)

  • FINAL EXAMINATION, Good Luck  !!

15th Week of Class ( 16 April 2018) 

  • Presentation of  Firms’ Portfolio Project

14th Week of Class ( 9 April 2018) 

  • Portflio Report should be submitted. Will use this data intensively for today’s Class
  • Portfolio Performance Evaluation
  • Group Discussion to prepare the report of Firm’s Performance

13th Week of Class (2 April 2018) 

  • Investment Strategy
  • Top Down vs Bottom Up and Active vs Passive investment strategy
  • Group Discussion to prepare the report on equity analysis

12th Week of Class ( 26 March 2018 : Guest Lecture and Tutorial By StockBit) 

  • Technical Analysis,  brings your laptop, and

11 th Week of the Class (19 March 2018)

  • Equity Analysis 

10th Week of the Class (12 March 2018)

  • Mutual Fund

9th Week of the Class (5 march 2018)

  • Fixed Income

8th Week of the Class (26  February 2018)

!!! Mid Term Test (Exam will cover the materials up to Week 7th) !!!

Closed Books, Brings your Calculator, No cheatsheet.

7th Week of the Class (19 February 2017)

  • All about Index, different type of  index in Indonesia, what are they, how they are being composed, all rules applied in index
  • ETF , Exchange Traded Fund, the instrument, how they were traded in Indonesia Stock exchange. Please brings your laptop.

6th Week of the Class (12 February 2018) 

  • Practice the concept of CAPM model lecture.  Please brings your own laptop.
  • Arbitrage Pricing Theory as the alternative model of CAPM.
  • HOMEWORK  3 (Individual) Due.

5th Week of the Class ( 6 February 2018)

  • please brings your own laptop.(mandatory for attending the class), we will do intensive computational activities  in Excel,
  • CAPM model
  • Submit the individual  homework   the exercise of MVC in spreadsheet  (deadline before the class started)
  • HOMEWORK 3: Please  develop a case  the  Expected Return Maximization Problem with Variance Target Constraint is a dual problem of Risk Minimization problem with targetted expected return using Solver in Homework 1
  • HOMEWORK 1 (Individual)  and 2 (Group) Due.

4th Week of The Class ( 29 January 2018)

  • Please Bring your own Computer (mandatory for attending the class), we will do intensive computational activities  in Excel,
  • Risk and Return
  • Mean-Variance Frontier
  • Portfolio Report and how to define index of your portfolio
  • HOMEWORK 1: report works in the class MVC  but with the 1 week return instead of 1 month return.
  • HOMEWORK 2 (Group):  Firms should start to develop their portfolio development in the 4th week of the class (latest on Friday 2hd of February)

3rd Week of The Class ( 22 January 2018) 

  • Understanding the Kresna  Trading Platform, how to sell, how to buy, monitor orders, and monitor portfolio.
  • How to read capital market news from media.
  • Publish  Your Investment Company’s   Web  in this site.
  • 1st Quizzes for the semester

2nd Week of The Class (15 January 2018)

  • Learning the micro-foundation of capital Market
  • Form a group, named the group as if it is Investment Firm
  • Submit the website of the Firm
  • Rules for the website:
    • The Firms’ name should be clearly stated at the web’s front page
    • Don’t name your Firm with currently operating Firm anywhere in the world
    • Portfolio Position and Suggestions
    • Do not claim any clients.
    • Investment Philosophy
    • Member of the team should include pictures. It also should only contain position as analysts with its specialization ( 2 sectors each). No Directors, No Portfolio Manager. Everyone should burden equal responsibility. The website should contain

1 st Week of Class ( 8 January 2018)

  • The class will be conducted at room 2406 (4th  Floor New SBM ITB Building)
  • Create a  Google Drive folder with the following name: MB4042_YourStudentID.  Share it with me. (my email . I will shared all  materials, syllabus, references, tutorial materials  using the same way under folder named  MB 4042 Class Materials Sem 2 2017 2018,
  • All the assignments both individual and group will be submitted to that account, not to my personal and official account.
  • Please prepare to open a Trading account, all applications materials and step by steps guidance will be given at Kresna SBM ITB Financial Trading Center. It is mandatory to have a trading account at SBM ITB.

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