Reflections Semester 2 2017 2018

Semester 2 2017 2018

I take this course, honestly I didn’t know about investing especially in stock. This class teach to not only see from the surface, but you must swimming into the deep. It gave me the experience the combination in theoretical and practical way, make my own REAL account and trade with my money. Learned to choose a good stock both in technical and fundamental to prepare you as a professional trader (amen). Taking this class is my best decision in this semester.  For all SBM students,  I strongly recommended this class!

Muhammad Ihsan, SBM 2019 

Two keys that I have learned from this class and stock investing: “Philosophers warn us to not be satisfied with mere learning, but to add practice and then training.”- Epictetus. Same in stock market, you have to find your own technique and discipline with it although either you will learn or you earn from it. As Warren Buffet said, “We don’t have to be smarter than the rest, we have to be more disciplined than the rest.

Richard Harris Wahyudi, SBM 2019 

“This Capital Market class is definitely recommended! at first I had a doubt but turned out that this class was very worthwhile that makes me interested to invest in stock, bond, etc. Aside from teaching us the theory, we were also challenged to actually invest in the real account and compete with the other groups to get the trophy. Interesting, isn’t it?”

         Fatia Shafira , SBM 2019 

My brother who happened to take this class back in 2010, was recommending me to take the class since it was the key course that helped him to jump-start his career. Eight years later, I took the class and overwhelmed by how much finesse and experience that this class has to offer. It doesn’t only revolve in financial and business, but also has deeper and wider aspects that were involved such as psychology, philosophy, economy and politics. This world is full of dubious things yet one thing is certain: The most valuable asset you have is time. If you can invest on your future now, why invest later?” Thank you for guiding me through the course sir. I will not let you and my brother down.

Herren Calida Era Tania, SBM 2019 

Kudos to Mr. Deddy Priatmodjo that has been giving me not only a great investment insights but also valuable life lesson which rise my “individual prospect” toward future father&mother in-law by being a part of KSEI

Christianto Aditya, SBM 2019

Investment follows the snowball rule: the longer you invest, the bigger the result will be. I regret haven’t using capital market as a mean to maximize my value EARLIER. With this course forcing us to dive in and doing real capital market transactions, I now have stocks as my saving instrument for my future.

Maverick Khofanda, SBM 2019

This is by far the most realistic class i have ever taken at SBM. I love the idea of real trading instead of doing simulation only, bcause we got to practice the material given. Moreover, using our own money, the pressure is real and challanging since the course is taken when the market is in correction. However one thing i learned is that a good trader is the one who does not include their emotion, and just stick to the plan!

Monica Rosavina, SBM 2019


One of the most useful class in SBM, the true definition of ‘learning by doing’, since we were obligated to create stock trading real account AND also learn the theory. Moreover, the theory given isn’t conventional stock trading theory you could find in Google (technical analysis, etc.), it covers portfolio management (risk-return analysis, benchmarking, etc.) which is usually used by professional stock analyst. Thus, you could directly applicate the theory in your portfolio, not just for the sake of examination! Thank you Pak Deddy for useful knowledges you shared with us. Hope you do well and success!

GianRifa , SBM 2019

It was such a pleasant experience to be able to learn capital market through this course, although it is kind of hard subject that really need further learning yet it was fun to find what cause the price to go up and down time to time. Some people said it is a gambling activity to play in capital market, for me it is more into how to apply the knowledge and be aware of the news around not merely just put your money and let luck do the rest. It might be not as easy as it seems, yet it worth to try. Thank you sir for the hard yet best experience,

Farissa Anindya Putri, SBM 2019

In the beginning, I used to think that capital market is a difficult world to enter so I had a hard time to decide whether to follow this course or not. And yes here I am… not regretting having attended in this class! This class has opened up my perception to not just simply thinking that capital market only has risk and uncertainty, because in the reality it gives so many opportunity to earn some profits (and to learn so many things!) as well. This class taught me to be discipline in reading the news, analyzing and proving it by myself. What I really like about this class is we are not only learn about the theory but jump directly into the real world of capital market. Thank you Sir for the class, I really learned a lot from this course..

Salma Fadhilah Widityani, SBM 2019

20-year-old girl taking Capital Market class, what do you expect? Without any background related to stock market and have no idea how cruel it is. Special thanks to Mr. Deddy for introducing capital market world to me and opened up my eyes to the importance of investing. And one thing that hits me hard: choosing stocks is not playing with feelings. We have to learn, understand, and practice it. A bad boy can turns 180into a good boy, but bad stocks will never change and always will be. “Never invest in a business you don’t understand” – Warren Buffet

Jane Lukman , SBM 2019

Capital market class gave me a meaningful experience. Besides of enriched by theoritical knowledge, I was encouraged to trade the stocks directly. I did not have any idea what kind of stock that I should buy at first, so I lost some of my capital. This class has encourged me to read more news, be brave to take a decision, and be persistent. More important thing, this class has awakened me that we must eager to learn. Thank you for the lecturer, Pak Deddy, for giving me a valuable lesson.”

Anindiya Asri Asyifa, SBM 2019

I really had quite a great time with this class. I learn quite a lot from Mr. Deddy regarding how to allocate my money for investment and I’m so glad that I can also teach my friend about it, and luckily now almost everyone of my best friend had an investment account. The class material is easy to understand because Mr. Deddy have a really good lecturing style so when he’s delivering the material, I could understand about it easily (mostly about the theory and how to manage the assets). Also the free StockBit account really help me personally in understanding more about the stock market and the analysis because it is a social media platform where you can be active and learn a lot more from the others (also the virtual stock trading).I really like this class the most. Unlike any class I took this semester, I put a real good effort in learning about the Capital Market and everything in it simply because it is very interesting subject and the lecturer doesn’t make me feel sleepy when he’s teaching.

Haekal,SBM 2019

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